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Origin: Colombia
Region: Santa Barbara, Antioquia
Farm: La Ventolera
Altitude: 2000 masl
Process: Semiwashed - Culturing
Variety: Castillo
Farmer: Felipe Trujillo 



The coffee was conceived with one goal in mind: produce a complex, high-quality coffee, but low-cost. That’s why Ventola thought of using scoby for kombucha, to elaborate a culturing that would help to develop rich acidity combined with complex fruity flavors. It is a semi washed, that’s dried in “marquesina”, and much like the cochadas process, while it is being harvested, the cherries are placed as they come into open tanks, alongside the kombucha culturing.

La Ventolera

Felipe Trujillo, co-creating UVI and serving as a Mentor himself to futuro young farmers. A lifelong learner, his curiosity has made him a pioneer in the Specialty Coffee market, but his dedication has turned him into a true innovator. After a successful career as a CEO at an office supply company, he chose a career-path-change and decided to help his father manage the traditional coffee farm they had inherited from his grandfather. Led by passion, from day one, he began drawing inspiration from the wine industry, where he became a disciplined student of fermentation processes. Today, his farm, La Ventolera, has become a regional institution for specialty coffee. There he preaches his passion for coffee designing and teaches young farmers the art and science of coffee processing, a path that joined Unblended and Ventola under the mission of making coffee farming exciting.


Colombia Semi-washed Culturing

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