Cupping Notes: Sweet with Winey Berry, Lemon & Praline Flavor


Carlos Sérgio Sanglard owns the farm called Serra do Boné, a 233.5-hectare plot that has 128 hectares planted with a few varieties of coffee, including Catuai and Yellow Catuai, Catucai and Yellow Catucai, Yellow Bourbon, and Mundo Novo. The harvesting is done manually as selective picking as well as manually with portable strip-pickers. The farm produces both Natural and Pulped Natural lots, conducting all of the drying in suspended terraces and ensuring the drying process takes a long time to protect the quality of the coffee. Carlos's family has owned this farm for 32 years, and in addition to coffee they grow eucalyptus and cedar.

Serra do Boné has become a specialty-focused farm since the 1990s, and in 2003 the farm took first place in the Cup of Excellence. (It has placed in the CoE several more times.

Brazil - Carlos Sergio Sangland