Gitwenge Washing Station is located in Gatara town, within the province of Kayanza. About 2,500 producers contribute cherry to Gitwenge, either directly or to one of nine different local collection points that are affiliated with the washing station.

Farmers here own less than half a hectare of land, on average, and in addition to growing coffee, they also grow crops like bananas, beans, yams, taro, and cassava, both for sale and for household use.

Burundi (New Lot Number & Cupping notes)

  • Origin: Burundi

    Region: Gitara, Kayanza

    Altitude: 1580 MASL

    Process Method: Washed


    The Cup

    Roast Level: Dark

    Aroma: sweet fruit acidity, green grape & orange

    Flavor: sweet, creamy, sugary cane juice

    Finish: caramel, green grape with chocolate note  

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