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Farm: Fincas El Placer

Origin: Quindio , Colombia 

Altitude: 1744 masl

Variety: Caturra

Process: Black Honey Double Anaerobic IPA

This coffee is amazing, only 100 bags will be avalible. It has consistent notes of lime, lemongrass, and floral, while maintaining a smooth and lactic body. The process starts at Sebastian Ramirez's farms, where the Caturra beans are handpicked and selected. The cherries are then sealed in a container filled with CO2 and undergo Carbonic Maceration for 100 hours while controlling pH and temperature. Next, the cherries are depulped and sealed again with a culturing of hops called Mosto, for another 100 hours. After these steps, the coffee is dried in Elbas (open patios) for up to 30 days and then stabilized for an additional 15 days. We are incredibly excited about this coffee, and if you try it, you will understand why.


Sebastian Ramirez (35) is a fourth-generation coffee farmer with over 12 years of experience. He has a presence in multiple countries across Asia and Europe and is the owner of Fincas El Placer. Sebastian has joined our mission of making coffee farming exciting as a mentor for the Young Producer Program. Starting as a traditional grower, he ventured into fermentation and made connections. Nowadays, he is a master in Carbonic Maceration, Coffee Profiles, and Varietals. We are thrilled to represent him, and we can confidently state that his coffees are anything but ordinary.



Colombia - Black Honey Double Anaerobic IPA

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