Peaberries are a naturally occurring mutation of the coffee seed that forms a single, small, rounder unit than the two “flat beans” that typically sit face-to-face inside a coffee cherry. While somewhere between 5–12 percent of any yield can be expected to naturally develop peaberries, some coffee varieties and origins tend to see higher occurrence of them, while in others they are uniformly sorted out of each lot in order to maintain screen-size uniformity.

In the case of Tanzania, the majority of the coffee exported is bought by Japanese roasters, who prize bean-size uniformity and see peaberries as being an undesirable defect. For this reason, the peaberries are often unsold to the Japanese market, and are the majority of what is available to Western buyers. Some swear by peaberries having a degree of flavor potency that normal flat beans lack, and others can’t tell the difference. They do tend to be slightly pricier on account of both their more limited quantity (since peaberries occur in a smaller percentage of coffee overall) and the labor involved in sorting them out.

Tanzania - Blond Roast (best for pour over)

SKU: 071519200076
  • Origin: Tanzania 

    Farm: Lunji Estate

    Altitude: 1140-2000 MASL

    Process Method: Washed


    The Cup

    Roast Level: Blond

    Aroma: sweet cocoa

    Flavor: smooth & citric

    Finish: mild toffee & grapefruit  

Gost Coffee Roasters LLC Est. 2018