The majority of Ethiopia’s farmers are smallholders and sustenance farmers, with less than 1 hectare of land apiece; in many cases it is almost more accurate to describe the harvests as “garden coffee,” as the trees do sometimes grow in more of a garden or forest environment than what we imagine fields of farmland to look like. There are some large privately owned estates, as well as co-operative society comprising a mix of small and more mid-size farms, but the average producer here grows relatively very little for commercial sale.

Ethiopia - Guji (USDA Organic)

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  • Origin: Ethiopa - GUJI

    Region: Kayon Mt. Shakiso

    Altitude: 1758MASL

    Process Method: Washed


    The Cup

    Roast Level: Medium-Dark

    Aroma: light chocolate

    Flavor: floral tea with Jasmine

    Finish: sweet, clean and tart acidity  

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