Lalithadri Coffee Estate has been owned by Mr. Jayaram MS since 1990. It is a 69-hectare farm growing several varieties of coffee. The farm is in a very biodiverse area and peafowl, bison, wild boar, and other wildlife can be spotted on the property. The estate owner has a master's degree in entomology in addition to his coffee farming.

Coffee here is picked ripe and the post-harvest processing is done using great care to preserve water and other resources; coffee pulp is turned into compost for nutrition.

India Lalithadri Estate - Rainforest Alliance

  • Origin: INDIA

    Region: Chikmagalore

    Farm: Lalithadri Estate

    Altitude: 1350 MASL

    Process Method: Washed


    The Cup

    Roast Level: Light

    Aroma: toffee

    Flavor: lemon & toffee

    Finish: citric with smooth mouthfeel 

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