Origin: Sumatra
Region: Gayo Highlands
Farm: Members of GARMINDO
Variety: Catimor, Tim Tim
Process: Wet-Hulled
Altitude: 1200-1400 masl
Cupping Notes: cocoa, praline with tart citric acidity

GARMINDO cooperative's full name is the Gayo Arabica Mahkota Indonesia Cooperative, and it is an association started in 2019 with 625 smallholder farmer members,each of whom owns less than 1.5 hectares of farmland, on average. 

The women member typically bring their coffee in cherry form to a collection point where it is depulped, fermented underwater for 12 hours, and given a pre-dry before undergoing the Wet-Hulling process. The coffee is dried on patios and typically takes 2–3 days under sunny conditions. It can take up to 7 days when the weather is rainy and humid.

Lily 3.0 Sumatra Women Coffee growers and producers