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Origin: Papua New Guiea

Region: Washgi Valley, Western Highlands Province

Variety: Typica PB

Altitude: 1500 MASL

Process: Washed

Shade Grown: Albiza, Casuarina Old-growth


All coffee bearing the Bunum Wo name is grown at over 4500 feet elevation. Bunum Wo considers soil and water conservation as a priority and the estate is bird and eco-friendly. Bunum Wo employs a medium density shade strategy, using two types of shade trees. This promotes even ripening of coffee cherries and provides habitat for at least 90 species of birds.

Bunum Wo is a washed Arabica coffee that undergoes a rigorous wet factory process. Quality Control begins in the field; Cherries are hand-picked and carefully checked for uniformity; it must be red and fully ripe which allows for the correct balance of sugar and acid within the cherry. This selected cherry is then pulped on the day of picking.

A fermentation process follows, a period of three days broken every 24 hours by washing – but unlike many other coffees, the Bunum Wo process follows this by total immersion in water for a further day. This balances the flavors. After sun-drying, the coffees are carefully conditioned for 21 days. This is followed by destoning, hulling, grading, densometric sorting, color sorting, and finally hand sorting.

Papua New Guinea Bunum-Wo

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