-Traditional Pumpkin

-Pumpkin S'more (graham cracker crust, chocolate ganache & toasted marshmallow)

-Chocolate Pumkin Cheesecake

-The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brownie (pumpkin pie in a chocolate brownie topped with pumpkin chocolate frosting)

-Sweet Potato Dutch top (sweet potato pie with a cinnamon nutmeg dutch top)

-Pumpkin Chess (with a maple glaze)

-Pumpkin Gingersnap (gindersnap dutch top)

-Pumpkin Apple Butter (pumpkin pie with apple butter and gingersnaps)

-Pumpkin Magic (pumpkin with coconut custard, butterscotch & chocolate chip, walnuts and a grahan cracker crust)

-Applekin (pumpkin and apple with a graham cracker dutch top)

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Small

pie selection

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